Beowulf and his virtues


See the related Beowulf and his virtues section below for more information. Hrothgar, like his ancestors before him, is a good king, and he wishes to celebrate his reign by building a grand hall called Heorot. Hrothgar betrothed his daughter Freawaru to a prince of the Heathobards in order to settle an old feud.

Beowulf is knowingly putting his life on the line against a tough opponent. He and his thanes sleep in the hall as they wait for Grendel.

Beowulf tells his lord the events of his trip to Denmark. Readers find out exactly how strong Beowulf is when we are told that he has the strength of 30 men combined. His sermon to Beowulf before the Geat champion's departure is thematically important; his great mead-hall, Heorot, symbolizes the kingdom's success, civilization, and joy.

He is brave, he is strong, he is loyal, and he is humble. Furthermore, no warrior has been able to stop Grendel. Beowulf persuades Hrothgar to ride with him to the moors. The horses and men of the Geats are all richly adorned, in keeping with Hrothgar's wishes.

An ancient Danish king had a daughter named Hildeburh; he married her to a king of the Frisians.

Beowulf And His Virtues

Hygd Hygelac's queen is a perfect hostess in the style of Wealhtheow and exemplifies propriety in royalty. After a struggle in which his surefire blade fails him, Beowulf: This attack sends him into deep thought.

Beowulf stabbed the dragon with his sord, but his sord did not pierce the dragon enough. The dragon is beheaded, but Beowulf is bitten and has a mortal poison from the dragon flowing through his body as a result. In the morning, Hrothgar and his thanes discover the bloodshed and mourn the lost warriors.

After his death, the cowards return, to be severely chastised by Wiglaf.


Hengest, the next leader of the Danes, desired vengeance, and in the spring, the Danes attacked the Frisians, killing their leader and taking Hildeburh back to Denmark. A Geat thane, Beowulf, decides to help the Danes; he sails to the land of the Danes with his best warriors.

Beowulf And His Virtues

This deal not only in the rightness orwrongness of individual actions; it also provides strategies as tothe sort of characteristics and manners as a good person willpursue to attain. Sure, he wants to fight Grendel partly for personal glory, but Beowulf is unwilling to "cash in" on those victories. They rule the kingdom together in peace and prosperity.

Once the hall is finished, Hrothgar holds a large feast. Next she presents many golden treasures to Beowulf, such as necklaces, cups, and rings.

After a long time, Beowulf reaches the bottom of the lake, where Grendel's mother is waiting to attack. The match with Breca, the barehanded fight against Grendel, the Flyting verbal insults with Unferth, the fight against Grendel and his Mother, and the decision to fight the Dragon all highlight his Hubris.

Hrothgar, like his ancestors before him, is a good king, and he wishes to celebrate his reign by building a grand hall called Heorot.

His ship funeral early in the poem is a significant ritual. He wants to impress the Danes to the point where they have no choice but to let him do as he pleases. Beowulf is loyal to his own countrymen, but he is also loyal to Hrothgar. Wiglaf bathes his lord's body as Beowulf speaks on the treasure.

Initially we are shown the Pagan notion of bravery and bravado. Ecgtheow began a feud after killing a Wulfing. Beowulf speculates that someone will goad this Heathobard prince to take vengeance upon the Danes for all their past wrongs. It melts down to the hilt after Beowulf uses it to decapitate Grendel's corpse.Beowulf is an epic poem depicting an epic hero, Beowulf.

The poem depicts the values and virtues not only traditional in epic poetry, but specific to historic Anglo-Saxon values. Beowulf And His Virtues Morality, a standard of right behavior, was one of the most important characteristics during the Anglo-Saxon era.

The story Beowulf depicted many virtues of the times.

What is virtue ethics?

Beowulf holds his morals and virtues above all else, from the way he fought in battle until the day he died. Beowulf showed his honor as he traveled from his homeland to battle the vicious monster Grendel, who was terrorizing the Danes. Beowulf and Heroic Virtues Although the main character in Beowulf is Beowulf himself, I believe that the single section which most concisely illustrates the heroic values in this poem occurs on pages 61 through 64 of the text, and is illustrated not by Beowulf's actions, but by Wiglaf's.

Beowulf summary. The poem begins with a brief genealogy of the Danes. Scyld Shefing was the first great king of the Danes, known for his ability to conquer enemies. Beowulf. In the classic epic Beowulf we follow the great hero from his time as a young boy to his final moments as King of the Geats.

During this many traits of various characters are revealed to us, none however as in depth as what is revealed about the titular figure of Beowulf.

Beowulf and his virtues
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