Copy editing services fiction vs non-fiction

Copy editing services fiction vs non-fiction is no further fee to the client for this service.

Copy-editing and Proofreading ​​Services

Sign up with facebook or What to consider when choosing your developmental editor An editor-author relationship is creative and necessarily relies on personality, mutual respect and honest feedback.

Increasingly, people with a story to tell are turning to a ghostwriter to put their thoughts onto paper. For details including finding your regional writing partner and how to apply please see Arts Council England Free Reads Scheme. Recommendations from our content editors usually run between 2, and 4, words, depending on the length and roughness of the story.

Our copy editors work on all genres, fiction and non-fiction. Our content editors specialize in speculative fiction: However it is important to remember that getting commercially published is difficult. Tell us your goals. Chapter and Verse offers writers one-to-one support via email, with a personal writing tutor selected for you by the TLC team, and the opportunity to submit six tranches of writing up to 10, words each time over a period of 12 months, with an in-house industry day meeting with an agent and publisher, and a full manuscript assessment included within the fee.

READ MORE Copy editing Copy editing goes that little bit deeper than proofreading, helping catch not only those grammatical mistakes and awkward sentences that can slip into your manuscript while you concentrate on the bigger picture, but also picking up any ambiguous points, repeated text or inconsistencies.

Click here for Fees and here for submission guidelines. The website is a light bulb. Even more important, you want her to like your book enough to want it to be the best it can be. Freelance editors like me want you to get the most out of your money. Why pay someone to make the words pretty in a section you might end up reworking, rewriting entirely or even cutting?

I now edit crime and historical fiction, as well as travel writing. I would love to hear from you. The protagonist could stay after killing the villain to safely land the ship.

Have Your Book Edited by Experts from the Nation’s Top Publishing Houses

However, they are intended to benefit an outside audience, not the writer themself. The detail of the report answers many of my questions and confirms to me that I am asking myself the right questions about my writing.

But some of what you need to know to best utilize us can be, well, difficult to bring up. We have built up an extensive, highly-skilled and unsurpassed team of over 80 professional readers who are editors and writers with an in-depth knowledge of the UK publishing industry and expertise across a wide range of genres.

We believe that writers should have access to professional editing services in order to better understand their writing and how it might sit in a constantly changing market, and give honest, professional feedback in order to help writers grow and develop their skills.

They are pricier per word than a content edit. All submissions are confidential and remain the intellectual property of their original author. The Oxford Editors has close links with many academic journals in the UK and overseas.

For fiction and non-fiction books Let me help you prepare your book for publishing. We also hand-match each writer coming in with an editor we think would be best suited to the project at hand, and bring this curatorial vision to our events programme, as well as to our popular Mentoring programme, which we process on application.

However, their primary focus during any content edit is universal storytelling principles that apply to all genres. Proofreading is a critical step before submission or publication, and our proofreading services fully prepare your book, paper, or document for the process.

We employ experienced book editors who have considerable experience in the publishing industry — many have previously worked for major publishing houses. We can also advise about the world of self-publishing, and help you think about the increasing number of options open to writers in online environments.

These days most books are sold on the strength of a book proposal and the first two or three chapters of the book. You will need to contact your local regional writing development body in order to find out if they operate the scheme and if you are eligible. Our book editing services uniquely cater to the increasing demand for affordable editing which has been spurred by the accessibility of publishing through the e-Book market.

So if you have a great idea, are bursting to tell an interesting story or want to share your life with others this is the service for you. Your editor will have the confidence, experience and skill to greatly improve your book. I recognise that writing is highly personal and emotional, so I make sure that I take care of you, the author.

Whether you require novel editing services, or assistance with a non-fiction book, we can answer any questions you have.Barbara McNichol Editorial provides professional business book editing for experts and educational business writing skills WordShops for organizations.

Barbara McNichol Editorial Services Add power and persuasion to your books, articles, and one-sheets. Non-fiction authors can expect feedback, insight, and advice on: content, structure, organization, clarity, focus, mechanics, writing style, and suitability for intended readership.

The developmental edit is a very intense level of editing and can be employed at the very beginning of the writing process, perhaps with just one or two chapters.

Professional Non-fiction Book Editing Service vs. Freelance Editor With a professional non-fiction book editing service, you receive a professional rate.

And the service has the resources to back it up: administrators who can help you with problems. As a published author and professional editor, I can help you achieve your goals. My areas of specialty are academic papers using Chicago Style citations and non-fiction.

Available services: developmental editing, substantive and copy editing, proofreading, manuscript evaluation, citations. Fiction vs Non fiction Fiction is not true and non-fiction is true.


This is the simplest way of defining fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction involves real things, real. provides professional fiction editing services worldwide at the most competitive rates available!

The cost is only pennies per word! Find out how affordable hiring a professional editor is.

Copy editing services fiction vs non-fiction
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