Mentos and coke science fair project

Using the tape marks in the background, estimate the height of the spout. Soda's physical properties can exhibit scientific phenomena. This reaction, the Mentos and Diet Coke reaction is a physical reaction, where all the pieces of the reaction remain but are simply rearranged.

Do not pour out the remaining soda yet! The nice thing about the Geyser tube is that you can add the Mentos before hand and then twist the tube onto your soda. Because Mentos candies are rather dense, they sink rapidly through the liquid, causing a fast, large eruption.

Science Projects With Soda

Do not pour out the remaining soda yet! Add Mentos and step back to enjoy the geyser. Drop the Mentos candies into the bottle.

Use warm pop and do the experiment on a warm day. Use a tape measure and blue painter's tape to mark off the height from the top of the bottle in meters.

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Repeat steps 5a to 5g three more times, but this time use the crushed Mentos candies you prepared in step 1. Carefully remove the cap from the soda bottle and place the flat index card on top, covering up the hole.

Line up where the opening of the bottle is with the opening of your cartridge. For further information, consult your state's handbook of Science Safety.

Mentos and Diet Coke Experiment

Geyser Tube this is totally optional but makes the experiment SO much easier and a lot more fun. Which beverages, candies or other things cause the largest and smallest fountains? Cleanup Hose off any part of a building that was splashed with Diet Coke.

Even different types of soda can cause varying reactions under the right conditions. Customers have used Coca-Cola for tasks as monotonous as removing rust from metal to creating delicious desserts.

Click here to browse. First test the whole Mentos candies and then try the crushed Mentos candy pieces. You'll also need six plastic cups and six tarnished pennies.

Spurting Science: Erupting Diet Coke with Mentos

It is so popular that it was featured on an episode of Myth Busters. You are now ready to film some Mentos and Diet Coke eruptions! Warning is hereby given that not all Project Ideas are appropriate for all individuals or in all circumstances.

You will be testing the crushed candies in three separate trials.The Mentos will cause a great explosion due to the reaction in the ingredients.

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The coke will have the greatest explosion because of the high level of CO2 gas contained in it. Good science fair projects have a stronger focus on controlling variables, taking accurate measurements, and analyzing data.

To find a science fair project that is just right for you, browse our library of over 1, Science Fair Project Ideas or use the Topic Selection Wizard to get a personalized project recommendation. Fizzles, Explosions, and Eruptions: Simple Science Experiments Gone Mad.

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SCIENCE FAIR TITLE??? easy 10 points?

Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion on Mythbusters. Mentos Soda Geyser. Materials: Is their a cool experiment i can use for my science fair project, the examples in this articles are nice but i want to include something.

InSteve Spangler turned this experiment from a science classroom standard into an internet phenomenon with his original Mentos/Diet Coke video. Eepybird has done amazing feats with Mentos/Diet Coke such as this fountain or this appearance before Blue Man Group.

Apr 15,  · Mentos and Diet Coke Science Fair project ThePumpkinJar. Loading Unsubscribe from ThePumpkinJar? Mentos and coke experiment - Duration: craig pepper 2, views. Easy at home science fair projects - Home box ideas Find this Pin and more on Mom-jects by Pamela Marshall. Science fair trifolds is a great way for students to write about what happened in their experiment and get them thinking about how to explain what they saw.

Mentos and coke science fair project
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