Promotion performance vs seniority essay

If a company that employs union workers needs to lay off employees, union rules might force the employer to lay off new workers before those with more seniority. Each organization needs to maintain a balance between the internal sources of personnel promotion and external sources by means of recruitment.

This process is related with job analysis and career planning of an organization. In a seniority-based pay system, quit rates of high performing employees are higher when there is a great deal of pay dispersion.

The Effects of Merit-Based Promotion Vs. Seniority

It implies relative length of service in the same organization. Seniority completely ignores merit and overvalues experience. Performance-based pay systems consider performance as the primary basis for pay increases.

An understanding that ability as well as seniority will be taken into account in making promotions. Peronally I think that the best way to promote a employee is to see his results.

Out promotion usually leads to termination of employee and joining some other organization in a better position. It has also certain disadvantages: The management must have a clear policy on the calculation of seniority.

While this certainly sounds like an ideal option, there are several downfalls, such as the potential for high turnover rates as average and lower performing employees can get discouraged when they regularly fail to receive merit increases. A proper balance between the two can be maintained by different ways: To accomplish this, Domino's HR department deployed a store manager strategy of hiring more selectively, coaching them on how to create better workplaces, and motivating them with the promise of stock options and promotions.

Whoever is most senior employee amongst all employees in the same cader, out of them top senior employee will be given promotion. The economic Times, dec Seniority-cum-Merit as basis: Paper promotion is an employee promotion given to the employee belonging to the parent department, but indeed working in another department on transfer, on request of employee or due to exigency of work.

So they have to see wich is the best way to do it. While tenured employees offer the benefit of greater experience, this does not necessarily equate with more ability. That being said, merit-based promotions have gained in popularity over the years, and with good reason.

It also suffers from certain disadvantages like: Researchers also found that those who turn up late and leave the office last are more likely to be overlooked for promotions.

No Favoritism A seniority-based promotion structure can eliminate the perception of favoritism. A carefully planned promotion programme has four elements: A less experienced worker possessing a greater flair for innovation or creativity may be more likely to generate ideas that help the company move forward in the future.

There was no evidence that people who went home early were seen as less productive. A clear and reasonable list of rules should be framed, violations of which would subject an employee to demotion; This information should be clearly communicated to employees; There should be a competent investigation of any alleged violation; If violations are discovered, there should be a consistent and equitable application of the penalty, preferably by the immediate supervisor; There should be a provision for review.

Employees will just go on accumulating their service. In this case, an employee either earns a promotion or seeks employment elsewhere. The Delhi High Court said though employees have no "vested" right to promotion but they should not be deprived of it "arbitrarily" and without any reasonable ground by their employers.

Hence, promotion must be based on consistent, fair and clear cut policy. Union members can be subject to a variety of rules set forth by the union, some of which may be related to job seniority.

Hamel maintains a blog focused on massive open online courses and computer programming. Promotion may be temporary or permanent depending upon the organizational requirement. The downside is, once again, that average and low performing employees are more likely to leave.

Personal interviews can also be held for getting more information about the employees.

Priority of Seniority and Merit in Promotion Policy (with diagram)

It is often assumed that a more seasoned, experienced individual is more suitable to lead a team. An organization seeking to promote its workers may choose to do so based on seniority to take advantage of the employees' experience with the organization and to reward them for their service.

Promotion channels should be identified and recorded on paper. Where there is a job analysis and a planned wage policy, such chart is quite easy to prepare. I beleive that no matter how long you work in a company, the employers always see the results. Performance-based promotions are also effective in creating a sense of accountability among employees.Jul 31,  · Editor's Note: This article is based on Marshall's book, Building Trust at the Speed of Change: The Power of the Relationship-Based Corp.

This is the fifth article in a series on Business Standards. The Effect Of Compensation And Promotion Business Essay. The objective of this study is to determine the effect of compensation and promotion of new employees on the motivation of old employees. Promotions given on the basis of performance rather than seniority influences the motivation of the employee.

Health Promotion The following essay is a comparative analysis of two theories of health promotion, one which is a theory of and the other a theory for health promotion. Beattie’s model will be used as theory of and transtheoritical stages of change model as a theory for health promotion. In some organizations, promotions are based on seniority, while in other organizations, promotions are based on promotion.

But there are also a lot of benefits to give a promotion based on the worker's performance. I will meniton some of this in the following essay. An organization seeking to promote its workers may choose to do so based on seniority to take advantage of the employees' experience with the organization and to reward them for their service.

Promote based on seniority and soon the only people you'll attract are those that are attracted to a seniority-based system--and you don't want those folks.

They create a culture of mediocrity.

Promotion performance vs seniority essay
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