Wildlife extinction essay

An endangered animal is one that is at risk of becoming extinct or t risk of no longer being in existence. In the end, it is up to the humans whether to co-habit the environment with other wild animals or face a bleak future of restricted species of the animal kingdom.

Some examples from various groups include reptiles Crocodilus palustrisbirds Cursorius bitorquatusmammals [ Equus hemionus khur wild assRhinoceros unicornis, R. But the most responsible cause is deforestation which results in loss of natural habitat of the organisms.

As a result, the animal species are lost and extinct from this world. Our writers can help Wildlife extinction essay to write you endangered species essay in the way you wish it to be done.

Once forests are destroyed either by human activity or forest fire it takes years to grow them back as most of the endangered species live in forests and if they will be destroyed then they will also extinct.

Birds, about 8, species exist today; the natural turnover rate is about 1 per years. Overpopulation has resulted in over use of resources thus more and more species are dying because humans are clearing forests to get land for industries, agriculture and for living.

Poaching is loss one of the major reason behind the loss of biodiversity. The forest are depleting at an alarming rate loss the soil of the forests is losing its fertility due to which forests will be further destroyed.

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The different animal and plant species provide different commercial material for example fresh water mussels which are harvested and cut into beads.

That means in twenty-five years, half the elephants that lived, have died. Humans have degraded this earth for their own benefits for fulfilling their material needs but we forgot that we have to live in this environment and if we will destroy it we will also face trouble, which we are already facing for example we all can see that the loss of forests is resulting in global warming which is a serious issue.

Habitat fragmentation is destructive change to landscapes and environment that is caused either by natural phenomena, such as floods, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, or human activities, such as deforestation, construction, artificial land drainage, and changing land use for agriculture.

The depletion of the ozone layer is only caused by human-made chemicals, such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and other halogenated ozone depleting substances and enables more UV to come through. Plants and animals add to biodiversity which is essential for ecological balance if this ecological balance is disturbed then also the earth will be in danger.

Wildlife Resources: A Global Account of Economic Use Essay

Thus, animals are very significant in order to contribute a lot to the worldwide economy. But, of course, the task of writing an endangered species essay is not an easy one. This is one thing that helps them survive despite their decreasing numbers.

Unfortunately, many areas that used to be home to a lot of animals, have been turned into places where humans now either live or spend time, such as a subdivision or mall.

Endangered Species Essay

We need to safeguard species of animals and plants because they are very useful for us they have medicinal value and provide us with various other things. Asian elephants are even more endangered than African elephants. Fortunately, many laws are being enforced to help prevent complete extinction of many species.

However, human greed and interference through poaching have caused a worldwide risk in the existence of wild animals.Poaching of Endangered Species “The main reason for animals endangered is the uncontrolled human activity.” This quote was stated on a website called Animal Port.

There are many reasons why this statement is true, one of them are poaching. Abstract: This essay discusses about the causes of animal extinction. Animals are sidestepped as we tend to focus more on something that happens.

Children's Information on Endangered Animals

Endangered Species. The reason I have choose endangered species for my essay is, over the years, many people have.

Animal Extinction Essay – Animals Are On The Verge Of Extinction

forgotten about the animals of this planet. And most people would'ent care less if another animal came. to extinction. As long as the people have thier new homes, and highways that will take off ten minutes.3/5(4). This essay discussed about hunting and deforestation that are the main reason of extinction of so many wild animals.

In my opinion, to save such unique species it is essential to established international rules that must apply in every part of the world. The model answer for Animal Extinction Essay. Write about the following topic: More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list.

Animal extinction Animal extinction has been dramatically occurring and this is the biggest issue in the planet. The governments and scientists try to figure out the better ways to prevent and preserve the disappearance of animals.

Wildlife extinction essay
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