Writing a jofoc

As required by 41 U. Contracting without providing for full and open competition or full and open competition after exclusion of sources is a violation of statute, unless permitted by one of the exceptions in 6.


Brand name only justifications must be published on the FedBizOpps website to provide transparency reference 48 CFR c: There are three levels of competition in contracting: For contracts using this authority, the notices writing a jofoc by 48 CFR 5. This authority may be used when statutes, such as the following, expressly authorize or require that acquisition be made from a specified source or through another agency: This authority is not delegable.

Some information may have been redacted to exclude proprietary information.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commonly asked questions about ozone. Thesis proposal writing is an important skill to master, as it will define whether your idea will be accepted and whether you will be able to proceed with.

Government must obtain only its minimum needs under contracts awarded under this authority.


Whenever a justification is made and approved on a class basis, the contracting officer must ensure that each contract action taken pursuant to the authority of the class justification and approval is within the scope of the class justification and approval and shall document the contract file for each contract action accordingly.

Full and open competition need not be provided when: The Main Idea of a Thesis Proposal When you graduate from school one of the main things you should work on is your thesis. The service contractor should report the required data in SAM by October 31st annually for services performed under the contract during the preceding Government fiscal year October 1-September It is very important that all service contractors comply with this reporting requirement.

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This determination is only required if the cumulative period of performance using this authority exceeds one year. Statement of the actions, if any, the agency may take to remove or overcome any barriers to competition before any subsequent acquisition for the supplies or services required.

Any other facts supporting the use of other than full and open competition, such as: Acquisitions made under this subpart require use of the competitive procedures prescribed in writing a jofoc.

Failure to comply with the service contract reporting requirement is documented as part of a contractor's performance evaluation as required by FAR Subpart It does not justify request of an offer from only a single source sole source.REVISED Attachment 2 Template for Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC) (REVISED) MEMORANDUM To: The File From: USAID Contracting Office (Executive Office or Director’s.

A completed JOFOC must contain all of the applicable bolded headings in the order specified. Place the required information directly next to, or under, the applicable heading.

If a heading does not apply to a specific JOFOC, indicate “not applicable” (N/A) next to it. Jan 27,  · "(i) Conduct sole source acquisitions, as defined in(including brand name) under this subpart only if the need to do so is justified in writing and approved at the levels specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section; and.

Refer to the sample of JOFOC for domestic contracting activities or the sample of JOFOC for contracting activities abroad for a description of the required information. c. Approvals: Refer to the sample of JOFOC for domestic contracting activities or the sample of JOFOC for contracting activities abroad for information on approval levels; these levels vary slightly.

(c) A class justification for other than full and open competition shall be approved in writing in accordance with agency procedures. The approval level shall be determined by the estimated total value of the class. (d) The estimated dollar value of all options shall be included in determining the.

A complete JOFOC must include the results of market research and, if applicable, the sources sought synopsis (see Chapter ) as part of the main body of the justification and not as an addendum.

Writing a jofoc
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